The Characters


After finding his brother murdered, petty burglar Jack goes on the run, fearing his own incriminations as a result of the death. Now, three years on, he’s back and looking for a fresh start…

Growing up on a tough council estate in Barking, East London, Jack trained in the art of stealing from a young age. With his mother long gone, and father often absent, Jack, his younger brother, Jim, and local friend Si, began by pinching car stereos in their home town and selling them to local buyers. Over the years, they got proficient and made a good living from it.

By their early twenties, the gang moved further in to London and made the acquaintance of black market jewellery dealer, Manny. They formed a good relationship, being put onto bigger scores and splitting the lucrative proceeds. But while Jack continued to enjoy the rewards of the new arrangement, Jim became disillusioned. Jim tells his brother his wish to get out the game, but is convinced to help out on one last job.

Following the gang’s biggest take yet, James is asked to look after their score of diamonds for a couple of days. However, upon returning to his apartment, Jack finds Jim brutally beaten to death and the diamonds missing. Shocked, Jack packs a bag out of town, fearing the result of an investigation and consumed by the guilt of his brother’s death.


After an attempted robbery at his snooker hall, black market dealer Duke wants to track down the culprit. He has his sights set on Jack, a thief who recently walked into his life…

A barrow boy by nature, Duke first earned his crust selling stolen goods on market stalls around East London. In the 1980s, he was a well known member of West Ham’s Inter City Firm and would use his gang connections to obtain and distribute stolen goods.

He later purchased a snooker hall to be a legitimate front for his business and would conduct the majority of his trade with petty thieves and burglars in a low-key manner. While no longer involved in football gang culture, he would still use his connections to move goods, collect money or issue threats for him.

Some criminal connections don’t believe Duke to be feared anymore, and that crime has moved on beyond the petty thievery in which he trades in. However, when the sudden appearance Jack coincides with an attempted robbery at his property, it looks like that things might have to change… Duke has to assert his authority once more and protect his reputation…


After falling out with stolen goods trader, Duke, criminal bookkeeper Laura is looking to make some fast cash and settle a score…

Born in Hong Kong to a wealthy businessman father and socialite mother, Laura was sent to an English boarding school from a young age. Excelling in communication and competitive sport, she started to climb the corporate ladder working in a respected accounting firm. It was here where she was first exposed to the criminal underworld, looking after the books of some controversial clients.

Making connections in the world of crime and seduced by the thrill, Laura leaves her job to work privately for an underground gambling ring. She later meets black market trader, Duke who makes her a lucrative offer. After the initial successful arrangement, a business disagreement causes their relationship to break down, and Laura is left out on her own and reeling from her treatment.

With an inside knowledge of Duke’s business practices and a determination to get back at him, she makes plans to rob him. All she needs is someone with the skills and steel to carry out the job for her…


Black market jewellery dealer Manny worked successfully with Jack over many years. But when Jack’s brother is found murdered and Jack missing, he cuts ties, fearing the heat and seeking a more legitimate business…

Born and raised in Glasgow, Manny grew up in a seemingly respectable White-collar family. However, when he was 17 years old, his accountant father was imprisoned for fraud and Manny left the family home for London. He secured a job for himself in a backstreet jewellers in Hatton Garden, where he is first exposed to the distribution of stolen goods.

Displaying street-smarts and entrepreneurial flair, he helped grow his employer’s business over many years before setting out to begin his own enterprise. However, needing stock and capital to get his business off the ground, he enlists the help of Jack and his gang to rob the homes of those he knows to be wealthy and frequent customers of London’s jewellery quarter.

In the following years, the gang enjoy a successful relationship which culminates in their biggest heist yet. However, soon after, James is found murdered and Jack inexplicably disappears. Without his allies, Manny must start a more legitimate business.


When his old friend Jack shows up after a mysterious three year absence, reformed criminal Si is torn over whether to help his pal or protect his new life and loves…

Si, Jack and Jim had been friends since childhood, growing up on the same estate in East London. With little money and plenty of time, the boys got into the practice of stealing car stereos. Si was the engineer of the gang, providing any tool Jack or Jim needed to carry out the steal.

Possessing a technical mind, Si was the brains behind a lot of the boys jobs as they grew up. He would figure out how to get in and out and provide the tools to do it. After becoming acquainted with black market jewellery dealer Manny, Si’s role in the gang became more important as they targeted more high security buildings and homes.

But when Jim is murdered and Jack disappears, Si leaves the criminal world behind to settle down with his girlfriend and start a legitimate electrical repair shop. Then, after three years without word, Jack shows up at his door asking for help.