The Story

“Everyone’s got a secret, something they hide…”

When Jack, a small time criminal, returns to London after three years in exile he immediately goes in search of his next job. On discovering that his old connections have gone cold he sets about making his own luck and decides to target rich business people in the city. This is where he meets Laura, also a criminal, who introduces him to the ideal mark – a rich old gangster called Duke.

Using inside knowledge from his new partner Laura, Jack executes the heist – but something goes wrong and the job is a failure. But Jack is not one to miss an opportunity for serious money. So when a campaign of brutality and intimidation comes knocking on Jack’s door he decides to confront Duke and meet him head on.

The violence escalates and when Jack is dragged out to a quarry and left for dead – and with Laura now caught in the cross fire – he must fight for his life against an enemy who is far more powerful and devious than he could ever have imagined. Putting him on a collision course with the catastrophic secret that he’s been fighting the whole time.