10 Books that Influenced The Return

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Writer-director Oliver Nias shares some of the books that influenced his work on psychological thriller ‘The Return’, an independent British film nominated for a Moet BIFA Discovery Award.

Fifty dead men walking cover

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Martin McGartland


Introduced me to the idea of what it might feel like to be living in true fear, what duplicity and threat means to a real person. The first ‘proper’ book I was given (by my grandparents) and actually decided to read as a result.

Finite and Infinite Games

Finite and Infinite Games

James P. Carse


The way we play games with each other…

Heart of Darkness cover

Heart of Darkness

Joseph Conrad


One of the most intriguing reading experiences. The narrative wrapping, the layered storytelling, interior and exterior landscaping, disorientation, fever, the Horror… First time a book continued to make me feel something long after I had finished reading it.

High Rise cover

High Rise

JG Ballard


A single concept taken to the Nth degree. The best.

Netforce cover

Net Force

Tom Clancy


First page turner I experienced as a teenager – mystery, guns and pure entertainment.


Various Works

Oliver Sacks


Things are not always how they seem…

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The Machine

James Smythe


James Smythe is one of my favourite writers. Amazing concepts, amazing stories, amazing writing.

The Outsiders cover

The Outsiders



“When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.” Best opening line I ever read. Not only that, The Outsiders has themes of brotherhood, hardship and how one bad decision affects everything.


Crime In A Psychological Context

Glenn D. Walters


Understanding criminals – contexts, backgrounds, profiles, motivations and recidivism. Darkly enlightening.

The Secret Agent cover

The Secret Agent

Joseph Conrad


London, secrecy, extreme personalities and a ticking time bomb…