Interview with Actor Robert Goodman


Actor Robert Goodman knows his stuff. He has worked with Scorsese, Besson and Roeg and has known criminals in his lifetime. We visited him at home to find out about his experience portraying a London gangster and instead discovered the unlikely key to being a real-life criminal…

Interview with Actor Sam Donnelly


‘The Return’ centres on a small-time criminal, played by actor Sam Donnelly, who uncovers a catastrophic secret. We visited him at home to find out how he approached the lead role, what it was like shooting his first film and why, ultimately, early morning starts are completely fine by him.

Interview with Director Oliver Nias


“If someone wants to screw you over they can, it’s easy…” Director Oliver Nias talks about the concept behind the psychological thriller The Return, tells us about the challenges of making his first feature film and why shooting on 35mm actually saved time and money in spite of a shoestring budget.



The Return is comprised of 131,976 frames of 35mm. Here are some of them as part of the artwork.